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Chakra Shifter, crystal massage and healing tool

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Harness the healing energy of natural crystals with these magic wands, carved and smoothed into a tapered tool that can do everything from working out painful knots, to preventing facial wrinkles to relieving muscle tension.

These versatile gemstone pestles are perfect for pressure point massage, facial massage and beyond... They are ideal for de-armoring, internal exploration and stress relief. When not in use, put them under your pillow to absorb their natural energy as you sleep.

Each stone offers it's own unique vibrations... Experience them all.

Black Obsidian: Born from cooled Volcanic lava, it is a healing stone of truth. It can reveal your biggest secrets about life, love and the world-by cutting through illusions and revealing lies. This grounding stone also acts as a mirror to help you turn weaknesses into strengths. Said to aide in digestive health, fight infections and lower blood pressure. Activates ROOT CHAKRA

Clear Quartz- Known as the Master Healer, a stone of power, this beautiful stone can do it all. It amplifies other energies and eliminates energy blockages. Quartz aids in clarity of mind, intensifies spiritual growth, and facilitates guidance from the spirit realm. Activates CROWN CHAKRA.

Green Aventurine: This precious stone releases negativity and rebalances energy surges or blockages, including those that contribute to disease. May improve circulation and help you work through emotional issues. It can boost intelligence, perception, creativity and even improve vision. Activates HEART CHAKRA

Rose Quartz-The soothing energy of this stone embodies forgiveness, empathy and unconditional love, while lowering stress, anger, jealousy and resentment. Releases negative emotions and promotes self-love. Activates HEART CHAKRA.

Tiger's Eye- A stone of protection and luck. It aids in practical problem resolution, unclouded by emotions. Dispels fear, anxiety and worry. Promotes harmony and balance. Stimulates psychic gifts. Activates SOLAR PLEXUS and ROOT CHAKRAS. 

Pairs well with our face Serum 7 and our brand NEW, VENUS VIBES intimate massage oil.

USES: *Apply a small amount of oil or lotion to pestle, and glide firmly back and forth to sooth sore or tense muscles. *Use either rounded end to apply steady pressure while twisting gently to release knots. *Use shaft to glide over cheeks, forehead, chin and neck while tensing face muscles to fight signs of aging. Use rounded ends to twist around crows feet area. *Use your imagination to find other ways this Chakra Shifter can heal your energy and uplift your mood.  Clean with mild soap and water after each use.

100% natural mineral crystals

size: about 4.2"

Includes velvet drawstring pouch.

Learn more about the science behind healing crystal energy on our Coco blog page!


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