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culture chakra energy healing

Sister company Culture Chakra Crystal Energy Healing offers local (Alameda, Ca) chakra balancing with Cami, via guided meditation and natural crystal placements on the body. To read FAQ or book a session, please follow the link below or purchase a gift certificate for use at a later date. To purchase gift certificates for friends and family, please do so here.

*Certificates may also be used by the purchaser. NO EXPIRATION.

"An energy healing session is a great way to destress, let go, process feelings, and rebalance your mental and physical bodies. During the process, your subconscious is transported to a place of tranquility and healing. I facilitate specific energy flow into your chakras with healing stones. The purpose may be to clear and re-align stagnant energy, to remove a blockage, or to slow overactivity- all resulting in the easing of various physical, mental and emotional symptoms. It's a unique and refreshing experience." -Cami Hammond

*Also be sure to check out my hand crafted spirit animal necklaces and pendulums.

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