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At Lashed- eyelash and brow growth serum

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Overplucked brows? Are your lashes damaged or lacking luster and length? Full brows and long, thick lashes are possible with a little help from nature. With the boom of the brow and lash industry, many companies are using components and chemicals that are not safe around the eyes. We have formulated an all natural alternative using nature's best secrets that stimulate healthy hair growth. Nothing you can't pronounce, nothing harmful, just 8 simple ingredients known to prevent hair loss and promote strength and maximum growth potential.

*Castor oil- *Used for luxurious lashes since Egyptian times *Contains minerals, proteins, nutrients that prevent breakage/encourage growth 

*Lavender- *Promotes cell renewal and reduces inflammation *its calming effects reduces stress, a main cause of fallout.

*Flaxseed- *Rich in fatty acid, helps to deeply moisturize, so hairs stay put.

*Horsetail herb- *Maintains strength, improves blood circulation, contains selenum, a mineral essential for hair growth. 

*Vitamin E- *Has strong antioxidant and tissue rebuilding properties. Acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps repair damaged follicles.

*Coconut oil- *Contains large amounts of fatty acids as well as antifungal and antibacterial properties.

*Baby Green Tea leaves- *reduce the dihydrotestosterone or DHT in our hair follicles. (DHT is a hormone that attaches itself to hair follicles and shrinks them.)*Also contains naturally occurring caffeine that acts as a growth stimulant. 

*Emu oil- *for its potency of oleic acid, which facilitates the deep dermal absorption of all of our active ingredients.

We are confident that this natural formula will aide in the natural growth and maintenance of healthy, brows and eyelashes. Long lashes and full brows are not worth the risk of damaging your vision or causing droopy eyelids, which are KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS of  many chemical eyelash enhancers on the market. Nature may not work quite as quickly as gmo ingredients but it is so much safer, healthier and productive in the long run to use herbs, plants and flowers than unknown and unsafe, carcinogens and chemicals. With nightly use, most users will begin to see results in three to six weeks, with more dramatic results appearing between eight and sixteen weeks. Results may vary.

(5 ML, 16 week supply) 

Ingredients: horsetail infused castor oil, lavender infused flaxseed oil, green tea infused coconut oil, emu oil, vitamin e, phytocyde elderberry OS (natural fruit-based preservative)

Directions: Always wash off all face and eye makeup before applying your serum. Product must be applied to a clean lash line for desired results. Swipe roller back and forth several times right along lash line each night before bed. Feel free to use thumb and forefinger to work serum through the lashes. It is best to do this before bed to avoid the serum getting into your eyes and to allow the ingredients undisturbed time to penetrate and work their magic overnight. 

**If product gets in the eyes, it may cause temporary blurred vision. The best way to get oil out of your eyes is with your own natural tear production. Try gently rubbing your upper lid with your finger while closed and use a clean cloth to wipe off the excess.

**Please consult your primary doctor or optometrist if you are taking any eye medications or drops-to ensure that none of the herbs used will interact. As with any new product, we recommend doing an allergy patch test by swiping some of the product along your jawline and waiting for 24 hours to ensure there is no reaction before starting a regimen. If irritation or allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately. Do not use product beyond its expiration date.



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