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Crystal face + body wands

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These gorgeous wands are crafted from 100% genuine natural crystals, known to have many metaphysical benefits to both skin and mind. Each wand is unique and each type of stone carries with it a different healing vibration.

Add one or more to your daily skincare routine and transform your self care time into something truly magical. As nature would have it, no two are alike.

Used in combination with your favorite oil or serum, your facial skin and muscles will be in for a real pampering treat that will have you looking your best in no time. We recommend using with Serum 7 or Drip

How to use: There is no precise right way to use one, however here are a few tips.

Apply the rounded ends with light pressure to massage tired muscles in your cheeks, above the eyebrows to the temples, down either side of the nose, and to the muscles in the back of the neck. Glide the smooth side of the wand along jawline, across the forehead and and up and out from nose to ear.

Practice this often to relieve facial tension, promote lymphatic drainage and to train the underlying muscles for a firmer appearance. The same motions can be used to roll the wand up and down your neck to stimulate circulation and encourage collagen production.


Known as the master healer, can be used for any and all conditions
Amplifies intentions of other crystals
Stimulates the immune system
Brings physical body & skin into balance
Enhances psychic abilities
 Unlocks repressed memories
Helps connect to higher plains of consciousness
Said to inprove bone and joint issues
Regulates blood sugar


• Cleanses aura
• Protects from vibrations that may cause discomfort  
• Unlocks and enhances creative potential
• Increases willingness to take a chance
• Stimulates personal and spiritual growth
• Helps combat indecisiveness
• Perfect aid for meditation
• Releases negative energies                         

• Naturally cooling, reduces inflammation 


Energetically cleanses physical body and environment of negativity           

• Promotes happiness & joy                           

• Helps to discover soul purpose
• Facilitates intuition 
• Enhances creativity & motivation
• Stimulates memory
• Supports healing of damaged tissue
• Supports a healthy skin-care routine
• Banishes energetic roots of depression


Helps to ground and connect to your roots
• Eases emotional frustrations                     

• Promotes self confidence
• Encourages dream memory
• Helps with constant worry or confusion
• Improves stamina and helps one tap into inner warrior strength
• Wards of danger and electromagnetic smog
• It encourages blood flow                              

• Keeps body in constant state of detox
• Known to promote sexual interest and compatibility


• Vibration connects and flows, raising one's awareness and granting clear vision   

• Promotes stress reduction and calm
• Strengthens the skeleton
• Helps grow shiny hair and white teeth
• Encourages selflessness and empathy
• A stone of diplomacy and resolutions
• Increases patience in situations beyond control

• Helps manage emotions of anger and fear
• Enhances peaceful communication           

• Encourages good health of sinuses, ears and face

These massage wands have multiple uses and can be applied virtually anywhere on the body to ease tension and massage muscles. Feel free to get creative with them. May also be used as yoni wand.

*1 natural crystal wand 4.3-4.6"

FRAGILE- handle with care. 

*Rinse under running water to cleanse after each use and use a mild soap if using serum or oil. Store in a safe place out of direct sunlight.

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*If you have an issue with a product, we will gladly issue you a store credit (good for 6 months) within 30 days of purchase. 

*Damaged or otherwise unfit products are eligible for refund within 14 days from receipt.

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*Many of our products contain coconut oil, which can liquefy at about 75*. We do use stabilizers like beeswax and butters to maintain integrity but we cannot predict hot weather and/or conditions during transit.
*When ordering balms, salves and butters, we ask that you choose a delivery address that does not allow the package to sit out in the hot sun for extended periods.
*Products are all natural and do not contain harsh preservatives.
*Shelf life is usually 8-10 months, with the exception of some our balms, sprays and oils that last for over one year.
*Keeping products free of contaminants and water in a cool dry environment out of sunlight will extend their shelf life.
*We use essential oils.