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Energy Clearing Services (home/office)

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   Welcome to the newest addition to our aromatherapy division- local home and office space, energy clearing services. This process is beneficial to promote new beginnings and fresh starts, such as in the case of a move, a new home purchase, the end of a relationship, a marriage or a birth. It is also the best way to rid a space of lingering or negative energy.

For now, these services are limited to the East Bay cities of Alameda, Oakland, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Hayward and Castro Valley.

As the owner of Cocofusions, I employ a wide range of ancient and apothecary knowledge in both our skincare and aromatherapy lines. I am a spiritual believer in the law of attraction, the power of oneness and a law of physics that states energy can neither be created nor destroyed.. but rather transformed.

My belief system is one of Omnism, or the recognition and respect of all religions or lack thereof. My personal beliefs rely heavily on the wonders of nature and energy.

I have been using herbs, wood and sound to move and enhance energies effectively for years, and am finally at a place of freedom to be able to share this amazing experience with others.

My intuitively curated, 3 step practice is a great way to clear a space of unwanted, bad, old or stale energy or "vibes". As humans, we are all energetic beings and each one of us may inevitably leave some behind wherever we go or reside. Equally, traumatic events can leave energy behind, so clearing a space after a negative event or a death is extremely important also.

The Process

1-Saging ritual to rid lingering presence, old inhabitants energy or negative and/or stale vibes.

2-Palo Santo blessing ritual to invite love, prosperity, peace, protection and harmony to the home and it's inhabitants....all animals, plants and people alike.

3-Tibetan Sound Bowl ritual music to rid a space of stagnant, confined, low frequency energies. And to help uninvited or unwanted energy move along.

When I arrive, I do a preliminary survey of the overall energy of a property by hand as I walk through scanning and notating any areas of your concern as well as any areas where I feel negativity or uneasiness- to be sure I spend the appropriate energy and use the appropriate methods in those places.

With windows and/or doors to the outside open, each room is then cleared corner to corner by the lighting of sage.

White sage releases an herbal smoke, said to purify the air, carry old energy away and help non physical presence find it's way out when asked. Soft mantras will be spoken aloud during this process.

After a few moments, a second ritual will be performed. Palo Santo wood is lit and positive affirmations and blessings are repeated as the smoke wafts through each room sealing their intentions.

Finally, a small Tibetan sound bowl is employed in areas of concern or where extra care is neccessary. Sound is one of the most powerful and effective renewing and clearing methods. 

The final step is the presentation of a small, natural, "of the Earth" token which affirms oneness energy and the completion of the cleansing. This token holds onto the blessing of the home or space energetically and is intended to be kept or displayed near the entrance.

The entire process takes about 25-40 minutes depending on the size of the property. There are two options available:

Classic: Applies to the clearing and blessing of any single dwelling or space under 2,900 sq ft. $125

Deluxe: Applies to the clearing and blessing of a single space larger than 2,900 sq ft and/or properties where additional land or other spaces like an inlaw unit or barn is requested to be included. $165

Once you purchase your service, someone will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a session asap. Saging services can be completed typically within 2-4 days or scheduled up to 4 weeks in advance.

All Covid precautions including proper hand sanitization, social distancing and wearing a mask will be followed.

*Realtors please email below for more details and multiple home discount.

Please email inquiries, questions or concerns to: cocofusions@gmail.com 


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