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Stop It, hand sani mist

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Disinfect without all the harsh chemicals. We added aloe, vegetable glycerin and orange blossom water to our sanitizer to nourish and keep your skin from drying out.

Sanitize between washes and when you're unable to wash as frequently, to kill those harmful germs and keep your environment clean. 

Our hand sanitizing mist is now available in 4 scents, perfect for staying germ free at home, work or on the go! 

*basil mint

*fruit smoothie  

*lemon lavender

*wild orange

4 oz spray 

Sanitizer Mist: grain alcohol, aloe vera juice, orange blossom water, vegetable glycerin, essential and/or fragrance oil

71% total alcohol concentration

4 oz spray bottle 

Directions: Spray liberally onto palms and rub hands together, including between fingers until air dried. Use as often as needed to reduce bacteria and germs on skin. Avoid eyes and face and keep out of reach of children.

**We want to stress how important it is to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. Far more than any sanitization measures, hand washing will be your very best bet in staying germ-free. Use sanitizer mist between washes and whenever water is unavailable.

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