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Lung Ease Immuni-tea

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With all the unknown germs floating around, and more and more people experiencing rough colds and flus this season, we thought it would be an amazing time to introduce some of our favorite all natural medicine by way of tea...

Herbs, flowers and plants have been used in healing for thousands of years all over the world and are the basis of many of our modern medicines. We believe in nature's way and have created this custom blend, based on the gifts she has provided us for lung and immune support. 

We love tea almost as much as we love skincare, and it's a great way to provide our bodies with all the antioxidants it needs for a great immune system and beautiful skin! This healing, herbal concoction is very effective in soothing a persistant cough and dry or sore throat, clearing congestion from the lungs, easing breathing and strengthening the immune system.

This will be available for a limited time only. Check out the impressive list of natural ingredients and their many benefits below. Large bags make this tea shareable with family. This tea is considered medicinal and is meant for short term use. Reccomended consumption: 1 to 2 cups per day for several days up to 1-2 weeks maximum at a time.

.4 oz -about 7 tablespoons, includes 5 large biodegradable, reusable tea bags- for up to 25 cups of tea NATURALLY CAFFEINE FREE

Peppermint contains menthol — a soothing ingredient known to relax the smooth muscles of the respiratory tract and promote free breathing.  Paired with the antihistamine effect of peppermint, menthol is a fantastic decongestant. Many people use therapeutic chest balms and other inhalants that contain menthol to help break up congestion. Additionally, peppermint is an antioxidant and fights harmful organisms. 

Licorice is one of the more widely consumed herbs in the world. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it occurs in more formulas than any other single herb because it is thought to harmonize the action of all other herbs. Licorice is very soothing and softens the mucous membranes of the throat, especially the lungs & gut while simultaneously cleansing any inflamed mucous membrane that needs immune system support. It reduces irritation in the throat and has expectorant action. Compounds within this root help relieve bronchial spasms and block free radical cells that produce inflammation and tightening of the airways. The compounds also have antibacterial and antiviral effects to them as well which helps fight off viral and bacterial strains in the body that can cause lung infections. 

Calendula flower is commonly used to help remedy peptic ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It supports the healing of gastric and intestinal inflammation from infection or irritation through its wound healing, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial actions. It is also quite calming and tasty.

Lungwort is a tree-growing lichen that, actually resembles lung tissue in appearance. However, this natural remedy doesn’t just look the part. As early as the 1600′s, lungwort has been used to promote lung and respiratory health and clear congestion. Lungwort also contains compounds that are powerfully effective against harmful organisms that affect respiratory health.

Plantain leaf has been used for hundreds of years to ease cough and soothe irritated mucous membranes. Many of its active constituents show antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as being anti-inflammatory and antitoxic. Clinical trials have found it favorable against cough, cold, and lung irritation. Plantain leaf has an added bonus of providing a general body detox, helping eliminate stored waste amd toxins. The taste is somewhat earthy yet slightly fruity. 

Ingredients: Peppermint leaf, Plantain Leaf, Lungwort herb, Calendula flower, Licorice Root, (all herbs are cut leaf, not crushed, for optimum quality and certified Organic and non gmo) 

Directions: add 1 teasooon of tea to empty tea bag (included) per 6 oz cup or 1 tablespoon for a family serving. Place tea bag in hot water and steep for 5-10 min. If your tea is left to steep for a long time and becomes too strong just add a little bit more water. A teaspoon or two of honey makes a great soothingly sweet addition. Bags may be reused several times each. 

Alternatively tea can be used in a loose leaf brewer or tea ball.

Not intended to cure, prevent or treat disease. If you experience any adverse effects or discomfort, please discontinue use. Some may experience a "cleansing effect" the first few times as your body absorbs the herbs. Consult your doctor if you are ill. Pregnant and nursing women should NOT drink this tea. Some herbs have side effects or contraindications so always consult a doctor prior to use if you have heart or other health conditions. Product not evaluated or approved by the FDA.

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