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Me Time, self love intention box

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It's time to cultivate the perfect self care ritual with positive intentions for this new year. This keepsake wooden box is filled with all you need to clear the energy in your space, connect with your highest self, manifest your dreams and enjoy a healthy dose of self love... anytime.

Boxed set includes:

(1) quartz and lavender topped self love + intuition soy wax candle scented with green tea, cyclamen, jasmine (floral, fruity, light musky undertones)

3.5 oz tin with 100% hemp wick

(1) handmade antique key pendulum on 8" nickel free silver chain in a mesh bag (key styles vary)

(1) stick of fragrant Palo Santo "holy wood" (clear negativity, cleanse your space & welcome prosperity)

(1) rose petal topped intimacy tealight  

(1) green aventurine topped wealth tealight 

(1) "Me Time" box contents and directions 

(1) paintable wooden keepsake box                          4" x 4" x 2"  (box top design varies)

Light the gorgeous, hand poured quartz and lavender topped, beauty in this box to manifest dreams, tap into your intuition, connect to your higher self and for a fragrant dose of self love!

Purple is the color of intuition, royalty and refinement and symbolizes how you should always trust and treat yourself. Lavender flowers represent love and devotion... to being and falling in love with the most authentic version of you. Quartz, the master crystal, helps magnify your intentions with the universe and opens the door to your intuition.

Light the green aventurine mini intention candle to manifest luck, money and success in business.

Spark up the rose petal mini intention candle for intimacy, romance, or to initiate new beginnings. Minis are perfect for bathside or bedside, solo or with a partner.

Clear the energy of your space anytime with the welcoming smoke from the Palo Santo stick. This wood has a fragrant and beautifully calming aroma of pine, mint and lemon. It is said to bring peace, luck, and to promote spiritual connection. 

Pendulums are a beautiful way to connect with your own intuition combined with the intelligent energy of the universe. Employ this pendulum key to unlock the answers you seek. This practice is perfect for "me time" and helps you learn to follow your instincts.

Candle Directions: Leep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch. Set and speak your intentions aloud or silently, light candle and enjoy, meditate, relax or manifest.

Palo Santo Directions: Light until fiery, allow to smolder, then blow out and sit it in a fireproof tray or natural shell. Burn to refresh the air and clear the energy of any space. 

Pendulum Directions: Once your space is clear and your candle is lit, hold the pendulum between 2 fingers or pinch the top charm and steady the chain. Ask a yes or no question and wait for motion. You may program your pendulum any way you wish, but a general guide to working with them is as follows: (the harder the swing the firmer the answer, the softer the swing the more fluid or changeable the answer)

clockwise: yes

counterclockwise: no

back and forth: maybe, or not the right time to ask

**never leave anything lit unattended

**keep out of reach of pets and children 

**organic, vegan & cruelty free

**hand crafted in the USA

**products that smoke may be harmful to those with breathing conditions.

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