Silicon Mask Applicator, cruelty free

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This fanned silicon applicator is the right balance between soft and firm to be extremely gentle on the skin while firm enough to apply your favorite face packs evenly and easily. 

Rinse with warm water after use. May also be used to mix dry masks with water etc. Perfect for use with our Volcanic Black face pack.

(Silicon tip, bpa free plastic handle, aluminum casing.)

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*Many of our products contain coconut oil, which can liquefy at about 75*. We do use stabilizers like beeswax and butters to maintain integrity but we cannot predict hot weather and/or conditions during transit. We ask that you choose a delivery address that allows for the product to be delivered indoors or allows for someone to be home to pick it up so that it doesn't sit out in the hot sun all day. Should your product arrive melty, simply shake and put into freezer for about 20 minutes to resolidify, then keep at room temp.
Products are all natural and do not contain harsh preservatives. Shelf life is usually 8-10 months, with the exception of our sprays and oils that last for over one year. Keeping products free of contaminants and water in a cool dry environment out of sunlight will extend their shelf life. *we use essential oils.