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Winter Vibe Candles

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Let's light up the cool nights with the familiar scents of the holidays! Our new, fragrant seasonal candles are ready to gift!

These beauties are TRIPLE wicked, hand poured in small batches for quality with all natural soy wax and brilliant micas, then topped with floral accents and genuine healing crystals.

Dont let their original colors fool you, as they burn darker, with a gorgeous, glittery flow that sparkles as it melts. 

Set your intentions and light one anytime you want to feel positive vibes a flowing! The natural crystals and flowers that adorn them will help facilitate and magnify your wishes with the universe. Manifest with confidence and fill your home with these soothing scents as you do. Candles make the perfect, thoughtful gift for someone you love.

Grinch Don't Kill My Vibe: Holiday Pine topped with black obsidian, iridescent mica and black sea salt.

Melt the Grinch's icy heart! This green candle is all about good vibes and welcoming in prosperity! It smells nostalgically of fresh cut wreaths and is adorned with black obsidian crystals forming a circle of protection. Black sea salt adds a layer of mystique as it is used for setting boundaries and clearing unwanted energy.

In the center of the candle we have the Grinches heart (a Green Aventurine Green crystal heart), symbolizing the inner good in everyone. This candle welcomes money and good health to the home, so it obviously makes a thoughtful gift, even the Grinch can't deny.

Snow Place Like Home: Cranberry , Pomegranate Spice topped with rose petals and grey and white moonstone crystals.

This dreamy white beauty promotes calm, spirituality and tranquil, peaceful energy. White candles align with serenity.

Light this cozy candle when you want the truth to come to light and new beginnings to commence. Cranberry, cinnamon, pomegranate, cardamom and clove create an intoxicating scent reminiscent of a winter simmer pot.

Moonstone crystals and fragrant rose petals grace the top to promote its peaceful intentions.

Large 6.5 oz natural soy wax candle in matte, black, pull top tin

*100% hemp wick

See candle instructions on bottom of tin before burning. Burn on a level, fire resistant surface, and never leave unattended. Do not burn in reach of children or pets. Do not burn more than 4 hours at a time. Crystals can be removed and cleaned with soapy water and a cloth by lightning candle for a few minutes, then blowing out to remove crystals. Use caution, and a spoon-however soy wax doesn't get blazing hot.

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