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Moisture Mist body sprays

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What makes our body sprays unique is what they're made of. These scented fine mist sprays will keep your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated throughout the day, thus the name, Moisture Mist.

Unlike most body sprays that use harsh perfumers alcohols that linger on the skin and dry it out, we use witch hazel and grain alcohol for a smoother smell and added skin benefits. We also add vegetable glycerin and flower hydrosols to our formula to provide and lock in moisture.

We have a variety of irresistible scents for every mood! 

Our ingredients are so mild you can even spray these on your face or more intimate areas. Be sure to check out the matching body butters too.

(8oz spray)

New! Berry Bubbly- crisp strawberry champagne, hints of apple, lily of the valley, sandalwood.

A bubbly, playful, dare we say intoxicating, scent? Sparkling strawberry champagne with notes of sweet fruit and a woodsy base. If date night was a fragrance this is it. Pour it up!

Flirty Feels- cherry blossom, juicy peach, white jasmine 

This fruity favorite is inspired by our best selling Hand& Body Butter fragrance. Flirtatious and sexy, this scent will have everyone wanting to be near you. White jasmine adds an unexpected but inviting finish. 

Fruit Smoothie- all the wild berries, cherries, mandarin orange, pineapple, mango

Escape to the Caribbean with this exotic fruit salad. Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries lead in this fruity favorite. Reminiscent of tropical Skittles, a burst of island deliciousness awaits in every pump.

Ibiza Breeze- coconut, lime verbena

Vacay daydreams become reality with this citrusy tropical mist. Earthy grassy undertones blend with top notes of coconut, lime and lemon and base notes of sandalwood and white musk. We anticipate this intricate scent to be a shop fav- as we can barely believe just how good it smells!

Love Potion #11- plumeria, peaches & cream

Our imagination led us to create this intoxicating, fruity floral fragrance... reminiscent of the female pheromones with it's ability to instantly attract passersby. It's our favorite but be prepared for people to frequently be asking you what you have on!

Makin' Waves- white musk, oakmoss, cedarwood, hints of jasmine

An aquatic like fragrance with a clean, fresh, masculine finish. Not overpowering, just right. Perfect for a light everyday scent, to freshen up with after a workout or when you want to step your game up on date night.

Om Calm- lavender, chamomile, vanilla

This soothing, genderless fragrance offers the best there is in calming and soothing aromatherapy vibes. Warm vanilla adds a little depth and allure and a dash of chamomile brings a soft, powdery touch to this shop favorite.

New, seasonal! Sunshine- toasted sugar,  limeade, red raspberries 

An intoxicating blend of toasted sugar with top notes of tart limeade and base notes of sunkissed red raspberries. This deliciously creative mist evokes the fun, summery spirit of the delicious smells of cotton candy, sweet drinks and fruity fun treats that waft through the fairgrounds. A must try! ** Matching scrub available separately or to get the discounted set with both products click here.

Sweet Spa- bamboo, sugarcane.

Relax the mind, body and soul in a sea of sweet serenity. Woody, wild bamboo, green leaves and sweet sugarcane combine for this soft, spa-like fragrance. Soft middle notes of Jasmine and Rosewood give it a unique, clean genderless feel. 

Directions: Give a quick shake and hold 6-8 away. Mist all over, anywhere on body daily for freshness and fragrance. External use only, avoid eyes.

Ingredients: Hydrosols (orange blossom or rosewater), distilled water, grain alcohol, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, natural phthalate-free fragrance oils and/or essential oils, colloidal silver, vegetable-based colorant


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