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Unwind, salt + flower bath soak

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XL salt pack with 3 bath sachets!

Relax your tired muscles, ease tensions and reduce pain and inflammation in your body with this fragrant combination of Pink Himalayan salt, Italian sea salt and a blend of therapeutic flowers. Let the stress melt into a warm bath surrounded by the magic healing powers of the ocean and mother nature.

Our organic, all cotton bath sachets are layered with Chamomile, Roses and Lavender flowers for a soothing, pain relieving, skin nourishing bath experience. This combination of flowers is also effective in calming skin conditions, soothing itchiness & irritation and reducing redness.

Sea salt and pink salt detox skin, relieve muscle tension and impart your body with dozens of trace minerals for boosted energy aligned with the Earth.

Cocofusions Unwind is the perfect bathtime treat for an amazing nights rest and sweet dreams.

(3) cotton, floral sachets + (1) 11 oz salt pouch included.

Directions: Run one floral sachet under hot running water as you fill the tub, then toss it in. You may gently press the sachet but do not wring. Next, add and dissolve 1/3 the salt packet into the water and enjoy the sweet serenity. Use as often as you like. 

Ingredients: Organic Chamomile flowers, Organic Lavender buds, Organic Roses in cotton sachets. Pink Himalayan rock salt and Italian Sea salt with lavender essential oil in paper ziplock pouch. 

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