Thank you for shopping small with Cocofusions.

about us

Cocofusions is a pure formulating, Earth conscious, skincare & aromatherapy shop with personality. Our product names are fun and lighthearted but we take our mission seriously. We're deeply inspired by the magical gifts mother nature has provided us for skin health, protection, healing, aging and overall mental well being. 

We make all of our own creative cosmetics in small batches, with no harmful additives, parabens or chemicals... They're cruelty free, colorful, lively + fun. We promote self care, inclusivity + body positivity all day every day.

Organic, unrefined ingredients are at the heart of all we do and coconut oil is one of our favorite multi-use ingredients. You will find it in many of our products.

The San Francisco bay area is the place we call home but our shop is virtual. Our line has grown so much since its inception in 2015 as we continue to be inspired by you, our supportive small shop warriors!

We appreciate you all and vow to continue creating more natural alternatives, and to keep having a good time as we grow.

Love, Peace & Coconut Grease!