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Moon Showers crystal toning mist

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Shower your skin with the brilliant energy of the moon. This alcohol-free facial toning mist, is made in small batches with a blend of high quality floral hydrosols and fine plant extracts to tone and maintain healthy facial skin.

Like the moon, our skin too goes through phases and this lush, silver infused toner is formulated to gently and effectively care for it during all of them.

Made with steam distillation, we chose 4 delicate hydrosols that are antioxidant rich and retain all the healing properties and light natural essences of the plants and elements they are made from. 

Simple, organic and vegan, Moon Showers is a great choice for all skin types. Pure, of the Earth ingredients provide your skin with all it needs to heal and regenerate. A nightly spritz of Moon Showers will keep your face and neck refreshed, toned, balanced, clear and hydrated.

~Lavender hydrosol is a natural anti-inflammatory, it calms and cools acne and skin conditions that cause rashes, itching or irritation.

~Rose hydrosol balances the skins natural PH, helps control excess oil and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores for a smoother complexion. 

~Vanilla hydrosol has both astringent and anti-aging benefits, we love the subtle, calming scent it adds.

~Colloidal silver hydrosol, which is tiny silver particles suspended in ultra pure water- kills bacteria and speeds up healing without upsetting the skins natural flora.

~Aloe is an obvious choice for it's amazing healing power. It improves skin's texture and helps fade acne scars. It's also a key moisturizing component and provides soothing relief from sunburns and blemishes. 

Moon Showers wouldn't be complete without moon water. It's the ancient practice of alchemically activating water molecules with the emanations that radiate from the light of the moon. This lunar infusion carries a flow vibration as the moon is so powerful it pushes and pulls the oceans. 

We make our own, with alkaline water in Mason jars, adorned with large candle quartz crystals. It sits under a full moon, harnessing it's energy for 2 consecutive nights. Before leaving it out to charge, we set intentions for our moon water... Beautifully nourished, clear skin of course! 

Our secret ingredients? Beautiful, natural Moonstone and Rose quartz crystal chips line the base of the bottle. Moonstone is said to rebalancing hormonal skin, eliminating toxins and reducing water retention. Energetically it carries the vibrations of renewal, perfect for facial skincare. Rose quartz is used to reduce and release impurities and stress in the skin. It's energy is best for detoxing, lifting, softening fine lines and wrinkles, alongside draining toxins and negativity.

This mystical toner is a definite must buy. It is light, luxurious, naturally scented and will keep your face feeling soft and glowing like the radiant moon with daily use. 

*4 oz clear glass bottle with fine mist sprayer and natural crystals 

Balancing, for all skin phases and types.

Directions: Wash face and neck with Pure foaming face wash or your favorite cleanser. Pat dry. Gently shake bottle, hold 6 inches away with eyes closed and mist entire face and neck. Allow 30 seconds to penetrate before applying moisturizer and/or serum. May be used day and night. Spritz both under and over makeup. Safe for intimate areas and hair.

Avoid eyes. External use only.

Ingredients: Organic Rose hydrosol, Organic Lavender hydrosol, Organic Vanilla hydrosol, Bio-Active Silver hydrosol, Alkaline Moon charged water, Aloe Vera juice, Witch hazel extract, Leucidal liquid SF max, genuine natural grey and white Moonstone crystals, Rose Quartz crystals (alcohol free formula)

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