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Aroma Mists

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These aromatherapy mists are carefully formulated with special blends of essential oils in a base of witch hazel and fractionated coconut oil.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries. Many benefit from plant and flower properties and use them to reduce anxiety, quell bad vibes, boost energy, induce sleep, increase creativity, alleviate pain, heighten intimacy and more.

Try all six to enhance your moods, health, sleep, energy, productivity and romance. 

Just mist them into your environment and breathe normally, or spray them above bedding and pillows before sleep or to set a mood. The plant, flower and spice based oils send signals to our brains that trigger a variety of positive responses in our bodies.

Made with water charged by the full moon.

Be Well Spell with green aventurine crystals: Breathe in deeply and let out a sigh of natural relief with this blend of minty and ancient healing essential oils. The perfect mist to employ when you or someone in your household is feeling a little under the weather. It promotes clear airways and sinuses and encourages calm and healing.

~Eucalyptus has been used for centuries for respiratory conditions. It is an antibacterial and antifungal wonder hailed for decongesting and reducing mucus.

~Frankincense is a powerful antioxidant that helps with circulation, and inflammation-keeping coughs at bay. It's calming energy reduces anxiety and helps you to relax.

~Sandalwood imparts its woodsy aroma and the ability to treat colds and induce peaceful sleep.

~Wintergreen's minty scent is perfect for stuffy noses, it promotes easy breathing.

Hocus Focus with clear quartz crystals: A crisp and complex blend of oils marry to boost creativity, keep sharp focus on goals and smash them! It's an aromatic catalyst for tapping in to one's higher self & intuition. Navigate the new decade with your "best-self energy" everyday with this delightful herbal, citrus mist. Clear quartz crystals line the bottle as they amplify any energy or intention.

~Grapefruit inspires laser focus and wakes your game up!

~Cypress creates a ying & yang vibes, promoting calm, while energetically charging the third eye

~Lemongrass reduces anxiety and stress for free creative flow

~Rosemary improves brain function and mental clarity 

Good Witch with black agate crystals:  A magical blend of essential oils and sea salt, perfect for smudging, cleansing & clearing the energy or vibe of any space.This forest tree, sage & citrus mist is also useful prior to meditation, scrying and setting intentions. All good witches and good witch allies should keep a bottle on hand.

~Lemon purifies naturally, uplifts

~Clary Sage banishes bad vibes and ill will

~Rosewood is gifted in replacing negative feelings with positive ones

~Cedarwood promotes grounding and oneness with nature and our Mother Earth.

~Patchouli is an oil of prosperity, wards of negativity.

~Black Agate healing crystals infuse this potion with the metaphysical properties of grounding and protection.

Mood Magic: For persistent foul moods, bouts of anxiety or insecurity. Uplifts and energizes, releases endorphins for higher self esteem. Heals broken smiles. 

~Clary Sage known for its uplifting anti anxiety and depression properties. It also cleanses the energy in spaces.

~Sweet orange promotes happiness and warmth.

~Bergamot discourages negative thoughts and vibes.

~Peppermint is a natural mood enhancer that lessens irritability and eases feelings of sadness.

Talk Tranquil To Me: For inner peace, euphoric vibes, sweet dreams and headache relief. Assists in mindfulness, sleep, meditation, yoga, cuddling.

~Lavender has long been hailed for it's ability to calm and relax the mind and body.

~Basil has been used since Egyptian times to treat headache pain. 

~Neroli relaxes muscles, and acts as a powerful antispasmodic.

~Jasmine is said to lower stress levels and aid in peaceful sleep and dreaming with its soothing properties.

Passion Potion: For self love, romantic mindsets, increased libido, circulation, blood flow and arousal. Sets the mood for intimacy. Creates lusty, passionate vibes solo and between souls.

~Rose, coveted for centuries as the oil of love and romance. It opens the heart center, stirs desire and enhances self esteem. Assisting with impotence is this oils best kept secret.

~Cinnamon is a natural stimulant that stirs the appetite, warms the senses and creates feelings of joy as it adds a little spice to your love life.

~Clove naturally heats up your system providing blood flow to your sexual organs. A little bit of clove actually raises testosterone levels making it a great aphrodisiac for both men and women.

~Ylang Ylang, also a mild aphrodisiac... helps your intimate experience feel deeper and more profound by preventing a rapid heart rate and fast shallow breathing.

~Vanilla provides a sensual warmth to your mood and has been added to tinctures since the Aztec times to increase libido and enhance performance.

Ingredients: Distilled moon water, grain alcohol, Witch Hazel, essential oils, fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, Grapefruit Seed Extract (natural preservative) (Good Witch and Hocus Focus contain sea salt and healing stones)

2 oz  glass with fine mist sprayer.

Directions: Spray into the air, wait a few seconds for scent to disperse and breathe normally. To benefit from aromatherapy in bed, hold bottle 8-10 inches above pillows or blankets and spray upright and allow mist to fall onto bedding. Do not spray directly onto light colored fabrics. 

**Avoid eyes. Due to the strength of some essential oils this product is not intended to be sprayed directly onto skin or intimate areas. It is for aromatherapy benefits and works best when enjoyed in the air with natural breathing. *This information is anecdotal. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. 

Individual results may vary, please consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant, nursing or have medical conditions. Some essential oils are not recommended for babies, young children with ailments or certain animals.

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