Nature Mist, Air & Linen spray

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Our natural room deodorizer and bedding sprays will leave your space smelling and feeling fresh and clean. They contain no harsh chemicals, propellants, dyes or preservatives and offer a much healthier airborn alternative to aerosol room refresher sprays.

Our light, fresh scents and formulas effectively neutralize odors without overpowering or masking, making these mists perfect for the bathroom, bedding, pillows, curtains, bedroom, animal beds and the car. 

Berry Blast: A fragrant explosion of island fruits and berries-sweet & intricate.

Cinnamon Swirl: A decadent cinnamon treat doused in vanilla bean with hints of spicy clove.

Fresh Cotton: Reminiscent of fresh laundry combined with the sultry smell after a rain. Soft, airy, light and clean.

Ibiza Breeze: Tantalizing and tropical coconut lime verbena. Earthy, citrusy.

Lemon Lime: A summery, citrus treat.... delicious lemon & lime sorbet.

Mintalyptus: A relaxing, breath easy, spa-like mix of Eucalyptus leaves and Spearmint. 

Morning Rain: A powdery, dewy, woodsy scent- evokes a vibe as good as it sounds.

Use as often as needed for fresh smelling air and linens. 6 oz mist

Ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel, grain alcohol, essential and/or fragrance oils, pink Himalayan salt, colloidal silver (natural preservative), vegetable coloring.

Directions: Shake well. Spray upright overhead into your space. Hold 6 inches away from curtains and bedding and never spray onto face or near eyes.



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*Many of our products contain coconut oil, which can liquefy at about 75*. We do use stabilizers like beeswax and butters to maintain integrity but we cannot predict hot weather and/or conditions during transit.
*When ordering balms, salves and butters, we ask that you choose a delivery address that does not allow the package to sit out in the hot sun for extended periods.
*Products are all natural and do not contain harsh preservatives.
*Shelf life is usually 8-10 months, with the exception of some our balms, sprays and oils that last for over one year.
*Keeping products free of contaminants and water in a cool dry environment out of sunlight will extend their shelf life.
*We use essential oils.